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About Tapuach Natural Tech

Founded in 1993, Tapuach Natural Tech Ltd. is a leading company in its field and is held by a private Israeli owner. Tapuach Natural Tech specializes in the development and marketing of professional cosmetics for skin treatment and care alongside its flagship line of nail care products. In addition, the Company develops and markets natural care products intended for pregnant women and women after birth, for babies, and for the entire family. Tapuach operates and markets in the pahrma and pharmacies sectors, in the field of professional cosmetics and skin care clinics, and among licensed cosmeticians.

Tapuach advocates the development of unique products that combine scientific innovations, raw materials and advanced production methods, innovative technology and proven, accumulative know-how in traditional medicine. Tapuach variety of products includes medicinal herbs, Dead Sea minerals, and essential oils in maximum extractions and optimal concentrations for maximum effectiveness.

Tapuach markets dozens of natural developments and cosmetics with its own unique formulae thanks to which it has become a synonym with a quality, estimated blue and white brand. The Company engages with renewal and introducing unique products to the Israeli market maintaining and ensuring the same values it has established at its outset: promoting the health and well being of women, mothers, and babies.

Tapuach has a catalogue in a few categories:

  1. Professional active cosmetics used by cosmeticians in clinics and for sale to private customers for home care.
  2. Dedicated care products and nutritional supplements for pregnant women, toddlers and pre-schoolers.
  3. Hand, feet and nail treatment and beauty care products.
  4. SPA products.

All of the Company’s products are manufactured maintaining uncompromising quality, under the supervision and permits of the Ministry of Health, ISO standards, and strict GMP conditions. Our production processes do not damage the ozone, and do not use animal compounds or animal experiments.

Our products are available at:

Products for pregnant women and babies, at the nature department in Super Pharm, New Pharm, Shilav, and private pharmacies.

Nail treatment and care products at the cosmetics department in Super Pharm, New Pharm, and private pharmacies.

Professional cosmetics – in marketing centers for cosmeticians across the country and with licensed cosmeticians.

The line of consumers’ products is also available for purchase on the on the Company’s website