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About us

Tapuach Natural Tech established in 1993 by Dr. Shamir, plastic surgeon and chemists and together developed formulas for active Cosmetic, using the latest technologies in the field. The company Products designed to solve a variety of skin imperfection and Symptoms and successfully sold in pharmaceutical chains, health stores, Beauty and cosmetic Schools and skin care institutes.


The company develops products on demand under the brand name “Tapuach” as well as private label based on different requirements such as Anti-Ageing, Dead Sea products, professional active cosmetics, professional hair care, spa, derma-cosmetics, and natural care for babies, organic ecocert, natural cosmetics BDIH, and more. 


The company provide a full service, starting from developing a new product, textures and sense choosing, label design, packaging, manufacturing and professional instruction and marketing. Our professional team follows the process from the beginning until the complete product is done and ready for sale.



All products feature uncompromising quality, licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health, ISO standards and strict GMP conditions.



For more information:

Michal Shamir :michal@tapuach.co.il 972-1700-70-74-78